Giveaway: Win a gift basket of delicious, local groceries from Metro

I’ve mentioned my love of both grocery shopping and eating locally in previous posts, so I was ecstatic when the opportunity came along to host a great giveaway featuring Metro’s Harvest from Home program on my blog.

One lucky reader will have a chance to win a gift basket filled with delicious, healthy and locally grown groceries from Metro along with a $50 gift Metro gift card!


How to enter

This Saturday I’ll be posting a delicious recipe that incorporates seasonal, locally grown Ontario produce from Metro (hint: the dish includes my absolute favourite summer ingredient). For a chance to win, all you need to do is:

1. Stop by my blog this Saturday, July 21st and scope out the recipe. I promise you’ll want to make it that same night – it’s that good.

2. Tell me what your favourite seasonal ingredient is in the comment section beneath Saturday’s post.

3. One winner will be chosen at random from the eligible comments. Important Note: As Metro is an Ontario store, this giveaway is only open to Ontario residents.

Why eat locally at Metro?

Selection: Ontario has a wealth of locally grown veggies and fruit to choose from – your recipes won’t have to adapt a bit, you can get everything you need from home

Fresh: From field to fork – Typically food travels 1,500 miles to grocery stores. By eating local, your “food mile” reduces drastically to 45 miles. That means when you pick up your next Ontario apple, it’s that much fresher, that much more delicious

Better for you: Less preserving chemicals and genetic modification measures are used in the growth of local produce

Environmentally friendly: The thousands of travel miles our produce takes to get to our plates blasts six per cent of carbon dioxide emissions into our local environments. By eating local, you’re helping future generations breathe easier

Invest into your local economy: Purchasing local food means directly supporting local farmers – this way, money stays in Ontario to be reinvested into our local economy!

Stay tuned for Saturday!

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