Eat, drink & be married: Food photos from my engagement party

This past weekend my parents hosted an engagement party for Reilly and I.  The theme: wine, cheese and classy finger food.  It was the perfect excuse to get our families together to chat, play some games, eat great food and have a couple of drinks.  Here, the menu and a few drool-worthy photos of the incredible spread:

Spring vegetable "garden"

Engagement party menu

The food:

  • Cheese plate (cranberry and pepper boursin, blue cheese, two kinds of cheddar, creme oka, herbed goat cheese, gouda, old cheddar, dates, pecans, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, dried mango)
  • Spanish omelet squares
  • Deviled eggs 2 ways (with caviar and without)
  • Spring vegetable garden (carrots and green beans “planted” in garden vegetable dip)
  • Cocktail meatballs 2 ways (tomato sauce and teriyaki)
  • Smoked salmon platter with capers, onions and sour cream
  • Caprese salad skewers (bocconcini, cherry tomatoes and basil)
  • Feta, cherry tomato and mint skewers
  • 3 kinds of sandwiches (roast beef with pickles, prosciutto and provolone with asparagus, ham and swiss)
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Marinated olives
  • Prosciutto-wrapped hearts of palm
The drinks:
  • Cranberry-white wine punch
  • Red and white wine
  • Champagne

    Smoked salmon platter

Deviled eggs with caviar (courtesy of Aunt Elena)

Caprese salad skewers

My mom prepping the Spanish omelet (she kept telling me not to photograph the bottom, but I did anyway!)

Prosciutto-wrapped hearts of palm

Deviled eggs sprinkled with a healthy dose of paprika

The perfectly composed cheese plate


The wine bar area with matching yellow glasses for the bride (me) and groom (my wedding colour is yellow)

The vegetable garden again (couldn't resist posting another photo)

Bubbly for all! Corks from our champagne toast

This white wine punch was a hit

If you're still hungry after all that great food: 3 kinds of sandwiches

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10 thoughts on “Eat, drink & be married: Food photos from my engagement party

  1. marissasharon

    These pics are beautiful! I love when people keep things simple… Those “veggie garden” numbers with veggies tucked into a glass of dip are adorable! And deviled eggs *swoon*. Where was my invite?!?

  2. Diane Andrews

    Good thing you got a picture of the ‘perfectly composed’ cheese plate before the Andrews’ Family took it over – lol. Your mom did an amazing job (along with her assistant Kelly). We enjoyed everything – it tasted as good as it looked!! Love, ‘mom’

    1. Kel

      Thanks for the recognition, Diane! I was going to say to Jen, where’s my “…courtesy of Kelly” following most of those food pictures? :) I kid of course. It was a wonderful day filled with delicious food and great company.

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  5. Tara

    Can you please send me the ingredients for your white wine punch. I’m hosting an engagement party next Sat. 3/1/14. It looks delicious!


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